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tv   Mad Money  NBC  May 24, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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there's a pole involved. that's all i'm saying. >> we'll be back. see you, everybody. i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game! >> firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it! hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i just want more turnarounds. my job is not just to entertain buto coach and teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. >> in spam we trust. seriously. spam! bear with me for a moment. i know we had a remarkable resurgence today. it was a truly amazing levitation and dramatic switch! with the averages nosediving in
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the morning before skyrocketing right back! a true victory for the bulls. i mean it. consider this hairpin u-turn. the dow from being down 190 to ending positive 7 points. s&p closed up .17%. nasdaq led by apple having a huge day, finishing up a sweet .39% like you didn't even know it was down. we came in all pessimistic today, all gloomy, we were all scared, all the usual, right? not about the u.s., of course. but about the ability of the europeans, who are meeting now, to come up with a real solution to their debt problems. we pretty much assume talks among european leaders would founder but by the end of the day, optimism, not negativity, a real insight, one that would put
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an end to this nonsense, opportunistic traders, short sellers. they start fretting about something good happening in europe, they start buying stock, they're worried about a german-led compromise to protect the banks from bank runs. well, they flew in with an hour to go. they feared putting up the averages and feared missing the next big move. we've been blitzed by optimism so many times that maybe we got to start learning some lessons here. put simply, without something truly terrific happening, we're going back down. i'm always in favor of catching the up side. i want you there, sure. we also have to recognize this is a dangerous moment. we need stocks in our portfolio that can work regardless of what happens. we need stocks that don't need to set the alarm at 3.45 a.m.
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because they don't have exposure to the faltering continent, which brings us -- well, it brings me to spam. or more specifically to hormel foods, the purveyor of spam, lost in the shuffle of germany, france, italy reported a dynamite quarter last night. i want to talk about spam because it represents so much about what is right at a time when so much is wrong! despite its literal proximity to spain meaning that the spelling of spam is just a couple of letters from spain, the only real connection i could find and i searched and i searched and i searched between spam and europe is this bit of analysis from monty python. and spam, egg, bacon, sausage and spam. everything has spam in it.
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>> we can't build an entire portfolio based on a spamamid. if you want to weather this crisis you need to pick a great name. right now there is perhaps no better name than hormel, at least an an example. i'll just use it as an example of a business that can withstand the withering financial assaults that are europe, facebook and jpmorgan. to name three plagues on the average joe investor. i want to use hormel, homeland hormel, as a paradigm. not only because it's barely a dollar off its 52-week high but because it's emblematic of some fairly obvious trends that you simply can't miss, even if you don't do a lot of security analysis. first, let's start with the issue of financial
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vulnerability, the vulnerability and craziness overseas where a couple smaller countries are holding the whole world hostage, in part because of panicking depositors, who want out of their country's weakened banks, in part because no large institution wants to own these faltering nation's bonds or the banks' bonds. what's it to hormel? you go to the web site, that's how we start our research, go to the web site. you're going to see under the celebrating 121 years planning ahead segment of the hormel web site, there's a quote that pretty much captures the moment. ready? i think it was the sausage, end quote, explained george hormel when asked to explain his company's ability to survive the financial panic of 1893. if they survived the panic of 1893, do you they will get hurt by the panic of 2012? i don't think so. how else do they make their money? they slaughter pigs.
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that's what they do. they slaughter pigs! nothing to do with the other piigs -- that's the acronym for portugal, ireland, italy, greece and spain! no, it's not piigs kind, it's the good kind. so what does this mean? don't you wish you knew that all the companies you own, how they made their money? don't you wish, for example, how you knew how jpmorgan made its money? i know they do some nutty thing over there in europe that can cost them at least a couple billion dollars, something nobody has been able to explain, including the ceo, but every kid can explain spam. no adults, not even of the rocket scientist variety can explain a security that's supposed to profit from rising credit of companies with lower
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credit ratings. you might not consider spam a real grower, although it did put up some pretty good numbers in sales last night. maybe you want something with more innovation, financial innovation. i don't want any financial innovation on the show. hormel is the king of food innovation from way back and i just don't mean its development of the world's first canned ham in 1926. i'm talking about jennie o turkey! the breakthrough turkey product. this did $70.2 million in sales this quarter. do you know the forecast was $47 million? what's the ticket here? simple. i think people no longer trust a lot of the beef that goes into hamburgers, but they like turkey burgers for certain, and it plays perfectly with health issues, too.
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you might not like what spam stands for, but jennie o turkey is the real driver here and it's taking the market by storm. hormel is branching into mexican cuisine, what have they done that with? powerhouse brands. chi-chi. this is a cramer fave for its salsa and wholly guacamole. you can smear that stuff on chips, start dipping in hormel turkey and vegetarian chili and i'll be right over. that innovation is hard to top and easy to understand. take dell, they're bracketed by machine gun fire, they're on the down side, the low end and apple's ipad and iphone on the upside. you think you can out innovate
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spam? in an era where everyone seems to get snookered by the likes of facebook, you don't have to worry about the big guys getting a call to get out of hormel. everyone cares about facebook. that bothers me. no one cares about hormel, which i love. and hormel gives you another great way to win thanks to the great commodity crash now. i can only imagine how strong their earnings could be in the future because the turkeys that go into jennie o's turkey eat a ton of corn. the price of corn is going lower. you know what else hormel has? a long runway of international growth that isn't western europe based, a dividend, 45 consecutive years of dividend boosts. it's never missed a payout since coming public in 1928. don't worry, hormel is not straying away from its core spam business.
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you're going to be seeing an animated character, sir camelot, promoting this remarkable food. get it? we all have our spam stores, we all have our spam stores, don't we all have spam stories? in my spam story came as a young boy, climbing the adirondack mountains, we've been running on fumes, desperate, thirsty, we had to turn to the one liquid that's got the power, spam juice! mission saved! and for all you doom sayers out there, can i just say spam would rival cockroaches for survivability with the event of thermonuclear war? with the added advantage of tasting better. don't quote me on that since i never sampled a cockroach! i've bought an experience that will get you through this tough period, a company that's easily understood, pays a nice dividend and best of all it isn't facebook! max in florida, please. max.
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>> caller: mr. cramer, booyah! >> booyah, sunshine. what's going on? >> caller: my stock is morgan stanley. i know they're getting sued over the facebook ipo. i'd like your say on it. buy, sell or hold? >> it's funny, stephanie link and i were saying you saw morgan stanley led this market back. apple on the nasdaq and morgan stanley on the listed. i think negativity is overdone but i'll be very honest with you because that's the way i play. i thought it was overdone at 15 and 16. i'm not going to call morgan stanley. seems cheap. hasn't meant a thing. >> nick in texas. >> caller: texas booyah for you. >> we have a hot jersey thing going on here. >> caller: ford. they've got tremendous demand for their product. moody's has upgraded their debt. do we hold, cut and run or buy more? >> i want to hold.
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i was thrilled they got investment grade status, i was hoping for that. that was a linchpin of why i went positive on ford but boy are they in europe and latin america. on a day like today we felt good about europe. tomorrow we'll just feel hung over about it. set aside any beef you have with spam. spam in the place that you live, not in europe. in hrl we can trust. it's a company working here. delicious, maybe profitable, yummy! stay with cramer. >> coming up, as dell suffers its worst day in more than a decade, tech became toxic. cramer picks among the rubble of their quarter for some news you can use. he found a silver lining. and while it's not good for dell, it could be for you. find out what it is next. and later, taylor made? although europe weighs on our markets, the maker of calvin
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klein and tommy hilfiger is just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." >> on june 15th, we're celebrating a fifth annual edition of "mad money, it's a family affair." want to join cramer in studio for the special event? >> all the doctors in the house. >> go to >> miss out on some "mad money?" get your text alert today. text mm to 26221 to get cramer right on your phone. visit or give us a call at
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are we witnessing the great secular decline of the personal computer, the laptop, even the netbook and notebook? that was my takeaway from the hideous quarter dell reported, so bad it caused the stock to lose 17% of its value today.
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but people are getting it wrong, giving the company too much of a free pass. they say what did we think dell would do given cisco is on hold? the problem with the consumer is sales were down 15%. that's a staggering decline. what's really going on? i think it's michael dell's vision that people will always have a laptop, desktop and mobile phone is proving to be wrong. his statements about how everyone is going to have three devices got crushed in this quarter, blown to smithereens. you'd be hard pressed to find out if you only read the conference call. how did it happen? apple. the mobile offerings is lethal for the whole dell consumer product line. no wonder apple led a rapid return today, rising to the resistance level today. the ripples and repercussions from the dell quarter are
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enormous. they're the obvious ones, intel and microsoft, neither which can afford a rapid typewriter like decline. they are banking on sales stabilizing to these factors. i think the strong balance sheet and dividend protection for intel will keep the stock from being totally annihilated but i do expect estimate cuts across the board tomorrow not to be reversed by the good number hewlett packard gave after the close. i will be so bold as to say this transition might even have hurt facebook during the month of may. the mobile adoption appears to be that rapid intra quarter. i think one of the reasons why morgan stanley was reported to be cutting numbers for facebook at the midnight hour ahead of the ipo has to do with the lightning fast transition to mobile. facebook hasn't been able to monetize mobile as well as they monetized the pc.
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facebook has fallen so hard that it counted a bounce today. consider the progression like this -- internet providers have accepted the switch from offline dollars to digital dimes when it comes to advertising. we've been living with that for a long time. but they aren't ready for mobile pennies. without very intrusive interstitial 15-second video ads on mobile, all the online advertisers can't deliver the same level of profit growth and sales growth they've delivered in the past when it was just a question of the notebook, net book, desktop. yes, facebook's insane growth could ultimately become a casualty of the transition dell is describing. people simply don't know yet, except the big accounts who might have gotten tipped that morgan stanley was cutting numbers before the abominable ipo. the big thing about tech, it's a zero sum game. with any losers in tech, there's usually a winner on the other side, the purveyor of the disruptive tsunami, and that is apple.
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when the smoke clears off this miserable dell quarter, people will realize that apple is behind the destruction of the laptop and with that destruction comes a world of hurt for just about everyone with the exception of apple. people are putting two and two together, which is why apple rallied so hard this afternoon. taking it right to that level where the off-the-charts guy said it has to break through. if it does, to the moon. after the close, hewlett packard did report a much better than expected quarter. perhaps there will be some who say this a dell problem and not industrywide. the bottom line, it is no longer a three device world. why have a desktop, laptop and phone when apple's mobile devices make a laptop redundant? while it's terrible news for pc makers like dell and for facebook, it's fantastic for apple, which remains the one to buy. marcia in ohio. marcia.
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>> caller: hi, jim. i've been hearing so much about the digital social media cloud computing thing. i bought some cirrus logic. it did great. in march i decided to buy bright cove and jive. cirrus is up about 60%, jive is down 38. what is the right strategy and what can you tell me about the two stocks that have gone down so much? >> bright cove, i've used their product and it's very good. i would not give up on that. jive is part of this social media craze. that's the problem. it's become a craze. i'm not in favor of owning it. this was the worst day in a decade for dell. what we have to conclude is that apple has obviated the need for many for the small form factor computer that was dell's bread and butter. stick with cramer.
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>> coming up, tailor made. the makers of calvin klein and tommy hilfiger is showing demand on the other side of the pond is still strong. time for to you go shopping? cramer's earning exclusive is just ahead. and later, accelerated profits? the future of computing is headed to the clouds and this company is paving the way. but after dell's disaster quarter drags down most of tech with it, should you avoid the battleground? don't miss cramer's take and his exclusive with the ceo of lsi corp, all coming up on "mad money." we have product x and we have product y. we are going to start with product x. the only thing i'll let you know is that it is an, affordable product. oh, i like that. let's move on to product y, which is a far more expensive product. whoaaa. i don't care for that at all. yuck.
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you picked x and it was geico car insurance and y was the competitor. is that something you would pay for year after year? i, i like soda a lot but for a change of pace... i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! so they realize how much they move. that's why we created degree with motionsense technology. the more you move, the more it works. degree. it won't let you down.
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we heard possible good news, then the market came back. we recognize some of our stocks are more vulnerable than others, which is why i've been telling you to play it safe when it comes to american companies with substantial european exposure. but is it possible to be too cautious at a moment like this? is it possible that we're too negative about an incredibly well-run apparel company like pvh corp, the stock artist formerly known as phillips van heusen. it gets 27% of its sales from europe. they are a house of great brands.
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but tommy hilfiger is very, very strong, calvin klein, big driver. pvh is so ubiquitous, you'll find their labels on half the ties, a third of the dress shirts. pvh has been pounded because of european exposure, stock down about 12 points since i last spoke with the ceo at the end of march. this company has a fantastic long-term history outperforming. it's given as you 103% gain since i first got behind it in january 2008. even though the company had already preannounced the upside, still delivered a better quarter. its revenues came in higher than expected, rising 4% year over year. the company also raised its full-year guidance. that's why i'm thrilled to have manny chirico, the chairman and ceo, here with us tonight to talk about this quarter. welcome back to "mad money." >> nice to see you.
3:27 am
>> i'm going to ask you just as a business person, do you come in like stock people do every day and say was today the day that tommy hilfiger fell off a cliff in europe? >> definitely not. like everyone else i look at the stock price and everyone else in our company, i look at the daily sales reports. and the last three, four weeks there's just been a disconnect. business has been just very, very strong geographically. europe and the united states and, you know, the stock has been getting pounded just based on the noise going on in the market. >> i think that after this facebook thing where people feel that somebody had inside story on facebook, i want to turn the tables. there is an analyst when they down graded you they warned of a convergence of trends in northern and southern europe. the people who follow your company may not know the real trends of europe. >> if they were listening they would know. we couldn't have been out there more. we've been really transparent.
3:28 am
we were talking at the end of april, early may. we raised the guidance as you said in your opening clip and we talked about the trends of the business. those trends have just continued into may where we've seen our comps of calvin and tommy up double digits. >> and how about in europe? >> in europe our comps are up high single digits. so accelerated. >> is there a possibility of a disconnect what people think of tommy hilfiger here versus what you and i know, over there, maybe they don't understand the -- where the high end aspirational nature of you and germany and france? >> i think clearly the positioning internationally of the tommy brand is premium price positioning at a premium channel of distribution. in the united states we've been raising that perception here, but both markets have put up
3:29 am
this quarter put up double-digit increases, both the u.s., north america and our european business. >> your licensed revenues have held up, despite the weakness at wornico. should we worry or monitor wornico. >> they have two big categories for us, jeans and underwear. the underwear business is very strong. their business is very strong and brand focussed in spain and italy. 65, 70% of the business is there where tommy it's just the exact inverse of that. so our exposure with the calvin brand is very limited since we're a royalty model there. for the balance of this years, we're planning the jeans royalties in europe at contractual minimums. so there's very little exposure. we've really tried to capture whatever risk is in the numbers. >> unlike most stock players, i don't want to bury the lead. you gave it to us.
3:30 am
double-digit gains in the united states. we're seeing a big turn in this country, aren't we? >> yeah, we're definitely seeing a good trend for business. the tone here has continued to be strong. we started the year off very strong in general as the industry. from what i'm seeing in may, my business, we've seen the business accelerate in may. we feel we're very well positioned. the weather turned warm and the business turned on like a switch. >> some people have been worried because the weather was good in earlier months that some guys pulled business. that's clearly not the case. you did not have people buy a lot in march and april and have nothing left in may. >> we saw a lot of people buy in march and april but continue to buy in may and june. there's the easter calendar shift and that always throws everyone into a little confusion. once that's settled and we got into the first week of may, business has just taken off.
3:31 am
>> two times when you came on you said we're not seeing the big break in commodities but the second half has to be terrific year over year. >> we're seeing significant cost reductions, second half of the year. that's going to help all the business but in particular our heritage business is starting third quarter in particular. >> when i see down 3% for heritage, i'm used to down 1, down 2. is this something that's a tipping point on heritage, down 3? >> we exited some business that were underperforming. we redeployed that capital and we're really trying to manage that business from cash flow and profitability point of view and set ourselves up to see a second turn in the business come the second half of this year. given what we now see in front of us with the cost reductions and how the business is reacting, we couldn't be more confident about that turn
3:32 am
around. >> one last question, manny. your company has been a phenomenal acquirer. tommy hilfiger initially doubted by people. not by me. it's a great acquirer. it would be phenomenal if you could identify another target now and add it to the group of labels. is that the right thing to be doing or the business is strong enough you don't need to think about that? >> no, we signalled to the market that we're seriously looking for acquisitions. now its performance has been better, it's two years, we're at a point in our balance sheet where we're very confident. so we're clearly looking and we'll be aggressive about it. >> and you just give as you lot of reasons to own the stock right through this period. if the period ever ends, we know where this stock is going very quickly. manny chirico, thank you for coming on.
3:33 am
i think it's time to have faith in manny, not necessarily these analysts who when a fossil goes down, they say ooh, i got to get out of pvh. pvh is not fossil, take it from me. >> coming up, the clock is ticking. call cramer at 1-800-743-cnbc to find out how to fire away at cramer on the lightning round. can he withstand your thunderous onslaught of stocks? and later, how do your stocks stack up in a mystifying market? cramer makes sure your portfolio makes the grade on "am i diversified"? all coming up on "mad money." >> we all know there's nothing more important than family. >> on june 15th, we're celebrating our fifth annual edition of "mad money, it's a family affair." want to join cramer in studio
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for the special event? head to to sign up for free tickets. >> the family that invests together stays together.
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it is time for the lightning round! i play this sound and thin the
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lightning round is over. are you ready, skeedaddy. brad in connecticut. >> caller: hey, jim. living the dream, booyah to you. >> i'm living it, too. so is zuckerberg. >> caller: my stock is seadrill. >> it looks like a good deal. i am concerned oil could go below 90. lay low. >> gopal in colorado. >> caller: booyah jimbo! i've been watching for almost six years. hp. >> this looks like a decent quarter. we don't know enough yet but they may be rationalizing the company and doing the right thing. have i given up on hewlett packard? i don't give up on anything. doesn't mean i want to recommend it.
3:38 am
it makes me feel better about apple. steve in connecticut. steve! >> caller: hi, jim. first time caller. long-time listener. lad, lithium motors, it beat earnings estimates the last seven quarters in a row and just instituted a 1.6% dividend. >> you know what i got do with this? i got to compare it to auto nation and carmax. i'm going to do a threesome -- a three-move claymation death match. if yours prevails, you'll know by watching "mad money." let's go to donald in new jersey. donald. >> caller: booyah dr. cramer! i'd like your insight on insight. incy. >> it's a great speculative situation. i'll bless it as a spec.
3:39 am
let's go to tony in new york! >> caller: big booyah to you. >> done your way. what's on your mind? >> caller: symbol is twi. >> remember, twi -- wow, okay. we had the management on and the management was -- let's say they were optimistic and i will share their optimism. they were toughly optimistic, like in your face optimistic. they're like, jim, you're too negative optimistic. but i do like it. larry in maine, please. larry? >> caller: yes, jim. the stock i was wondering is vbtx, it's a tech. >> right. i think vertex goes remarkably higher. it has made a lot of back and forth at these levels but i think it's going to see $80. it may be the best biotech other than celgene and it has more upside. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round!
3:40 am
>> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. ♪ [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ♪ this olympian's mom has been doing it for years. she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. let the spills begin. p&g. proud sponsor of the olympic games. whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain.
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way to go, coach. ♪
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after a day where the market was crushed by europe in the morning, only to rebound wonderfully in the afternoon, it might be worth taking some time to look for stocks in out of favor sectors that nevertheless have powerful secular growth trends going for them. take lsi corporation. just lsi for all you home gamers. semiconductor company that makes chips for storage and network technologies. tech is about as out of favor as it gets right now but they benefit from the explosion of digital information in our society, what lsi calls the data deluge.
3:44 am
that's a huge secular theme. we're always talking about data. they make chips for routers, switches and wireless base stations. they enable mobile networks and data centers for cloud computing. those are the sweet spots as mobile and the cloud are indeed as we know the future of tech. even though lsi is still up 16% for the year, the stock has been hammered the last couple of months, down to $6.88 today. could lsi be a bargain at these levels? let check in with abhi talwalkar, the president and ceo of lsi corporation. this is the first time i've met you. this is fantastic. >> good to meet you. >> a lot of cross currents in tech, we saw dell say some bad things, mostly about personal computers, we saw cisco say some bad things about the
3:45 am
telecommunications market because of a demand worry. how can lsi buck those waters and still grow? >> there are some soft spots here and there, consumer retail, governments cutting back. the way we'll buck the trends is the sheer number of product cycles we've got. we're participating in cloud, wireless, infrastructure. as you said, data and traffic continues to grow. our silicon is all about helping to address that challenge. >> now, there's also a part of your business that's connected to flash, short-term memory and also to disc drives. suddenly because of a call earlier this week, the disk drives are now more plentiful. people are saying you should sell lsi. does that make any sense? >> no, that doesn't make sense. we're still below pre flood levels. inventory levels are still low. focus on the units that are supporting those hard drives and
3:46 am
the units are still below pre flood flood levels. we don't have an inventory situation. that collateral consequence i think has been overblown from my perspective. >> how does that happen? to me i say there will be more drives, that's good for lsi. people are like are you crazy, that will be bad for lsi. >> from our perspective we're doing fantastic in solid state drives. we're growing there. for every solid state drive that ships it's three times the asp and higher margins than hdd. >> what kind of units are you thinking about? >> the solid state drive market will be 35 million to 40 million units. >> that's a little more bullish than some. >> it's in that range. the first quarter upside. a big part of that upside was flash. >> you have made a series of acquisitions, sometimes hard to keep track of because you've reinvented the company so rapidly. the big one was the sand force acquisition for flash. tell me why that makes the
3:47 am
company more capable of being able to grow. >> the flash market grows rapidly. >> you see flash in lots of different devices. >> this is solid state technology storage for clients in servers, storage systems. we see the market about $500 million growing to about $3 billion in about three years. very fast growth, 50%, 60% growth. we've actually publicly said we're going to grow 150% this year over last year's flash revenues. the way we're going to grow is to participate in solid state drives, but also pc flash technology to accelerate applications. >> we know you're not the only guy in the segment. one thing that's made lsi difficult for me is you have a lot of people shooting at you. what's your competitive advantage? >> right now in the industry,
3:48 am
we're always in the top in terms of our performance, endurance as an example. >> now, dell this morning was very downbeat about net books and talking about -- and notebooks, talking about notebooks down 15% for the consumer. you've got exposure to the sector. how will you make it so it doesn't hurt the next quarter? >> 80% of our business is associated with the infrastructure, clouds, data structure, growth in smartphones as well as the mobile internet, that's where 80% of our business is. if some of that exposure in notebooks and laptops is because of let's say cannibalization, if you will, that's fine, too. because the more smart devices that are putting pressure on the internet and the cloud and the service providers, that's business for lsi. >> this is the best balance sheet i've ever seen lsi have. generating a lot of cash. >> i think our position right
3:49 am
now is good. we've been active in buying back shares. we do generate a lot of cash. right now our focus is operating margin expansion. it's about returning value to shareholders and we've been significantly expanding year over year. >> will you be able to stay independent if the stock stays down here? they'll steal the future from you. >> we've been a consolidator ourselves. and i don't think there's been a better player in terms of network security that's taking advantage of these trends in the marketplace. >> it is a compelling story. >> we're excited. >> terrific. >> thank you to abhi talwalkar, a really interesting stock, very
3:50 am
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look, fabulous late-day comeback, right? but the market's been a rocky place these last few weeks for investors since april 2nd. a lot of you home gamers want to cover your eyes, close your ears and bail out but don't do that. two of the best strategies to combat the uncertainty is make sure you're doing your homework and not putting all your eggs in one basket. that's key. that's why we play am i diversified. you call me and tell me if your
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portfolio is diversified enough. paul, what do you have? >> caller: thank you very much. an honor to talk to you, jim. i have five stocks. i notice you've had a good recommendation on them in the past but a couple of them are taking a kind of a dive. my favorite stock is liquidity services, lqdt and cirrus logic, crus, and sturm ruger, rgr, sea gate technology and starbucks, sbux. >> right. those are all doing well. i wouldn't feel too bad about them. all right, all right. let's take a look at these. first of all, starbucks recommended today. it's going down too far. i was glad to see their recommendation. it's a growth stock that always works. cirrus logic has had a remarkable run. that's the sound for apple.
3:54 am
sturm ruger, wasn't able to fill demand. that's why people like smith and wesson, a good yield. sea gate is problematic. they're in balance in head drives. looks like they're not going to be able to blow out the numbers time and again. you have a refreshment stock, a goods and services auction play, you have a gun play and then you have two that are too much the same. you're going to sell sea gate. get out of sea gate and own a health care stock. maybe like a bristol myers or own hormel. own a food company. that would be a nice diversification. ted in florida. >> caller: booyah from sunny palm beach, dr. cramer. >> i love palm beach. what's going on? >> caller: please tell me if i'm diversified. apple, baker hughes, cisco, intel, century link, ctl.
3:55 am
>> okay. no. no. you got some real work to do here. century link, that's fine. that's a higher yielding slow growth telco. baker hughes, not great oil services company so you have oil services and telco. then you have these three. these are all in the same cohort, cisco, apple and intel. even though intel has had great yield, we'll sell intel and even though cisco is down on its luck and seems really cheap are we're going to sell cisco and keep apple. let's put honeywell in, that would be good to replace cisco and then maybe not all industrials, we'll go back and use the hormel example to replace intel and then i would feel -- but not yet. rich in california, please. >> caller: thanks very much for sharing your knowledge and that dirty linoleum floor with us. >> i hear you. what's up?
3:56 am
>> caller: my five top holdings are the infamous american infamous british petroleum, government properties income trust, gov, nordic american tanker, nat and northrop grumman. >> i see you're a dividend hog. bp has come down. nordic american tanker, even though it is an oil tanker, i think it's about to buy some more ships. that usually means equity offering is coming. real estate, defense and financial. oil tanker real estate, trust and defense, that will do it for me. great diversification and very good yield. stay with cramer. and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years.
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